About Us

Showroom Technologies officially began operations in the fall of 2016.  Yes, the company is a newborn.  It’s parent is a 76 years old and is known in the community as Danto Furniture.

In the fall of 2014 Danto Furniture conceptualized a “micro” furniture store structured around cutting edge 4K virtual image technology.  The #1 requirement was that this “micro” store had to function on the most minimal of operating cost.  The plan was simple take 76 years of retail experience and turn that knowledge into a physical store capable of surviving in the 21st century

That journey began just before WW I when Julius Danto, along with his three brothers, emigrated to the U.S. from a small town along the Russia­-Poland border. Like so many new immigrants they entered the United States in pursuit of the American dream.   The business ­minded brothers quickly moved to the country’s growth area, Detroit, Michigan.  Julius Danto found his calling with furniture and appliances.  By 1940 he had created a reputable furniture store in Southwest Detroit.

Julius’s son, Charles Danto, took over as store manager in the mid 1960’s.  Under Charles the business florished and stood strong until 1992.  In December of that year, a fire burned the store to the ground.  However, in the Danto father­-son tradition, Irwin Danto joined his father.  Together they relocated just about a block away.

Irwin Danto now heads the store’s daily operations.  He is very involved in the local community.  He was a founding member and chairman of the West Vernor Business Improvement District (BID) and served on the Southwest Detroit Business Association’s Board of Directors for close to two decades.  Supporting school and community functions has become an established tradition.

Irwin’s daughter, Ashley Danto joined the business in September 2014.  After graduating from Michigan State University she spent three years working in New York City’s garment district.  She loved the idea of a “pop up store” and asked why a furniture store could not be one.   As a representative of the Millennial generation Ashley helped point the business into a new direction.

Together with her father and grandfather they established the world’s smallest furniture store which we refered to as a “micro furniture store”.   The goal was to develop a profitable but extremely “low operating cost” store.  The concept was refined in two area mall developments.  The retail world is focused on the reality of online shopping.  Showroom Technologies bridges the physical brick and mortar store with the cloud creating a new paradigm