Introducing the
Product Display
Panel (PDP)

for a Virtual Brick & Mortar

Developed & Manufactured by

Danto Furniture Company


7701 W. Vernor Hwy. Detroit, MI 48209

Contact: Irwin Danto


(You decide how many panels to use. This install used 8 panels)

Displayed: 167 Product Group Collections in 13×19″ photos Store Area Used: 265 sq.ft.

Cost to Build: $10,000. The alternative option requires:
1) Equivalent Store Area of 18,000 sq.ft.
2) Showroom Stock Investment of $200,000

Product Display Panels (PDP) seamlessly
integrate with the Internet

  • Product photos coded to interact with your store web site.
  • Product photos coded to interact with manufacturer data streams.
  • Integrated with the Renaissance and Wondersign Kiosk App.
  • Product photo updates are automatically managed.

An Information Age Shopping

  • Familiar “Internet” image presentation.
  • Limitless product information access.
  • Answers the consumers desire for a shelf shopping experience.
  • A frustration free sales tool for store staff.

Easily configured to fit your store layout

Expand Showroom Space 100 Times

  • Use Existing Vertical Wall Space
  • Reference a Virtual Product Inventory

Product Display Panel (PDP)

  • Standard 4’x8′ Configuration
  • 20+ Moveable & Durable Photos
  • Ultra High Intensity LED Lighting
  • Images are brighter than Backlit
  • Non Glare Design

19″ Panel Display Computer

  • Integrated to support the Photo Wall
  • Provides pricing & product specs
  • Wired or Wireless operation
  • Removeable for Easy Relocation

27″ Panel Display Computer

  • Rolling Stand UpDesk
  • 12 Hour Battery Support

ProDisp Management Software

  • Consolidates Kiosk App, 4K Product Photos, Catalog Pages
  • Provides integration to the store’s e-commerce web site.
  • Easily recalls search history
  • Builds and prices orders
  • Controls marketing monitors and visuals
  • Provide pricing and products specs

24″ Panel Display Computer

  • Roll around stand
  • 12 Hour Battery Support

Panel Support Stand

  • Freestanding Design
  • Can be placed anywheres
  • Configurable to store layout

Wireless Bar Code Scanner


313-841-1200 –

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can the Product Photo frames be reused?

The frames are built from Gator Board which unlike other foam board material is extremely durable.   We actually have to cut it with a circular table saw.  They can be reused multiple times.  New Product Photo prints can simply be placed on top of previous prints.  This can be done by your store staff or recycled with us where we will issue a credit.

How frequently are Product groups discontinued and introduced?

Typically you can expect annual changes upwards of 40% with 10% of new product introduced quarterly.  Although older products have no expiration date they are discontinued when the manufacturers stock is depleted.   Yes, things can get complicated when your store inventory still has products which the manufacturer labeled as discontinued.

How do I organize a PDP panel with its 20 product positions?

This is a sales tool – not a marketing display.  Customers enter the store with life experiences that will impact their selection.  It can be very difficult to pull those images from a customers mind.   The challenge is to show them something that they want and can afford to buy.  The PDP is a sales tool designed to increase the likelyhood a customer will see the image that they walked in with.  Panels are organized by product similarity.  We can give you suggestions of what to put on the PDP and where to place it.  In fact each Product Photo has a data window in the lower corner providing details of where to place the photo on the slatwall.  That is suggested placement – not an absolute rule.

What if I do not like the Product Organization on the PDP?

Product Photos can be placed wherever you want.  Think of the Product Photo as  another physical group on your sales floor.  Respect and value it as any other product on your sales floor.  You can of course move Product Photos around the PDP just as you would on your sales floor.

How do I keep my PDP Gallery fresh with new product?

There are two PDP update programs to choose from.  In the PDP Managed Program we will automatically send you new Product Photos.  These photo’s are customized to your PDP Gallery.  Each new Product Photo is personalized to your store region.  The data detail includes position placement on the PDP panel.  In the PDP Self Managed Program we will send you a worksheet with the new product groups and Product Photo suggestions on a quarterly cycle.  You control things.  We will wait for that worksheet to be returned.

How do I update or recycle Product Photo Groups?

You can decide whether to have us send you completely finished Product Photo Frames or just the Photo Print.  We can send you a brand new Product Photo Frame or on a recycled frame.   The recycled frames are previously used frames with a new Product Photo glued over the existing print.  Recycled frames can have several prints stacked on top of each other.  Replacement Product Photo Prints have a peel-away self adhesive back.  Your store staff can reuse existing frames by just sticking the new print over the older print.

Where is the pricing on the Product Photo?

Each Product Photo references multiple products that can be purchased in a variety of configurations.  We do not clutter or confuse the product presentation with all kinds of special notations.  Traditional price tag information is just not practical.  With ProDisp software you just touch the nearby panel display for pricing and ordering.  Your customer can also scan the QR Code which places them in your stores e-commerce web site for ordering.

How does the bar code product pricing work?

The top Bar Code is designed to quickly access the in-store computer tool which can provide pricing and product detail.  The computer can share that detail via email, text, or print.  Customers can put product selection items in a basket for traditional checkout with a store sales representative.

Help me understand the QR code?

Both Bar Codes & QR codes are simply the text characters that a computer can easily understand.  Bar codes are one dimensional in that they are based on the width and spacing of the black lines.  Accessing specific Internet pages requires more detail then available in a bar code.  To minimize the space needed the industry developed two dimensional QR codes.  In a tiny 1/2 inch square space a QR code can contain almost 3,000 characters.

What does the QR code do on the Product Photo?

Let’s start by assuming your store has a web site with typical search features.  The QR code in the photos can instantly position your customers phone or a ProDisp monitor into you own store website.  Here’s where it gets interesting.  Ninety six, yes 96% of customers will walk into your store with a SmartPhone that also understands QR codes.   The QR Code provides information enabling a SmartPhone to directly access your stores ordering page for the items in the Product Photo.  Your customer can easily access “your pricing”, product details, and e-commerce ordering tools.

How does the Kiosk App inventory availability work?

Thanks to many innovations in shipping logistics the factory’s distribution center literally becomes an extension of your warehouse.  Even though you may only stock 5% of the manufacturers product line the PDP system gives you immediate inventory feedback over the entire product line.  Delivery from the manufacturer’s distribution center can often be less then a week.  Suddenly you have vastly increased your stocked inventory.  If the item is not in stock the system alerts you to the inventory dates when an item will become available.

Can PDP components be shipped UPS, Fedex, or USPS?

Everything we sell can be packaged and shipped UPS, Fedex, or USPS except for the actual slatwalls.  The slatwalls are oversized and heavy weighing 80 lbs each.  They are not economically shipped by UPS, Fedex, or USPS.    Ultimately a 4×8′ slatwall must be shipped by common carrier. Fortunately most lumber yards sell slatwall for locally.  We can efficiently pack and ship slatwall via common carrier.  We can provide you with shipping cost estimates.

Can my store staff setup a PDP Gallery?

Yes, the actual assembly of a PDP is not difficult.  The skills necessary to assemble a PDP are similar to those commonly used by store warehousing and delivery staff.   Attaching slatwall requires basic finish carpentry skills.  Our technical support staff can help with questions.  Look for future installation YouTube videos.

We have no staff capable of doing finish carpentry?

We can provide experienced staff for “on-site” PDP Gallery installation.  Ask for a quote.

My staff is not experienced in selling what is essentially products from a photo. Is training available?

Yes,  we are in the process of preparing a video series on “how to sell virtually”.  Customers like to touch, feel, sit, and lay on the furniture.  This is just a photo.

What happens when they are dissatisfied with their purchase?

The high resolution PDP images are nicely detailed.  Product color and feel are visible to the customer.  As always you must find a way to make the customer happy.  Returns are a reality and must be viewed as opportunities – not simply as a  loss.  Selling “virtually” requires a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.  Today’s environment terribly punishes dealers who have unresolved customer conflicts.  A single bad review posted on the “World Wide Web” means the entire world knows that you have an unhappy customer.    Customers make mistakes whether they saw the product in a photo or on your sales floor.  We understand this issue.  Our company has been delivering furniture for 76 years.    Things get delivered and the fabric color clashes with the room.  The selected pieces do not fit through the front or rear doors.  Yes business realities and the dealer must accommodate such issues.  Fortunately less then 4% of purchases end up with what we call, “special issues.”

I have issues. Can I return PDP components?

You can return any component that is defective or is in “new” condition.  Components that are damaged will be judged prior to return authorization.  We can not guarantee sales performance.  Influencing success is a consequence of store reputation, history, advertising, marketing, and the economy.  If you have challenges contact us.  We like to talk and we will likely have some practical advice.

I scan the Bar / QR code and nothing happens?

Typically the problem is with the working computer database.   The codes might refer to a discontinued item that has been removed from the data stream.  It equally might be a new product and your database has not yet been updated.  Technique is also important.  Always hold the scanning device steady.  Try to avoid creating strange shadows between the bar code and scanner.

I have a web site but it is not setup for e-commerce. How do I take advantage of the QR codes and pricing details?

In the case of Ashley Furniture we strongly recommend purchasing a Kiosk software license.  Customers hesitate and become cautious when pricing details are not obvious.  The Kiosk software app has accurate pricing which you can quickly control.  We recommend a 100% markup on the wholesale delivered price.  Our markup online is 2.24%.  We strongly suggest using discount coupons or other inducements as part of your selling process.

Do I need the ProDisp software?

It is something you would want.  There is no pricing on the Product Photos – just Bar & QR codes.  You need a computer to reference quickly product pricing and specifications.  The ProDisp software consolidates the Kiosk App, your store web site, 4K product photos, catalog pages, and of course pricing.  It tracks activities and provides an easy comparison of products.  It is an administrative tool designed specifically to sell in the virtual world where we rely upon product imagery rather then having physical product to touch, feel, and sit on.

How many mobile computer displays do I need?

That somewhat depends on the size, layout, and activity around the PDP.  You can order additional computer display setups at any time.

I want to construct a large PDP Gallery with a dozen panels. That is an expense upwards of $10,000. Is there a financing program?

We are developing just such a program with two banks and two other financing resources.  We expect the final program will allow the startup cost to be paid for in 24 months at an interest rate of 6% to 9%.

After my initial installation can I add on addition PDP panels?

Sure, new panels can be added, moved, removed, and connected at any time.

The computer tool stopped working - now what?

98% of the time a complete power OFF of the computer solves the problem.  That can mean even unplugging the computer completely from the AC power.  If that does not work Call our main phone number at  313-841-1200 and ask for PDP technical support.  We will find a solution to your problem.

How long does the power supply last on the mobile computer display units?

Expect a minimum of 12+ hours.  Avoid running the batteries to exhaustion.  Recharge the battery unit overnight.

The LED light bar seems very warm. Is that normal?

Our 8′ LED light bar is densely packed with 500 high output LEDs.  These are commercial lights that are very efficient. They produce a lot of light energy in a small space.  It is normal for them to feel warm.

My show floor layout does not exactly fit the standard 5‘ and 8’ slatwalls. What can I do?

We understand.  We can easily customize the slat wall panels and supporting photo & LED brackets to accommodate your layout.  In most situations there would be no premium charge.

What’s ahead?

We are committed to bridging the brick and mortar retail world with the developing Information Age.  Danto Furniture is a 76 year old retailer. We still own a building that was at one time a livery station from the start of the last Century that put shoes on horses and attaching steel to wooden carriage wheels.  The nuances of change are on our mind a lot.